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Save Nantwich Signal Box

will move to OSL Training Site

in Crewe

Nantwich Miniature Railway Group are trying to Save the Nantwich Signal Box from demolition by moving it from it's present position next to the Nantwich Level Crossing to the Morrison's end of the miniature railway track which runs by the side of Nantwich Methodist Church.

Unfortunately Morrison's were unable to grant a lease in the timescales required by Network Rail and the Methodist Church were not prepared to help by allowing the use of their car park. Thanks to press reports in Nantwich Chronicle and Radio Stoke we have found a company OSL in Crewe who want to use the signal box to train Signalling Apprentices and an agreement has been reached between them and Network Rail to move the signal box to Crewe. Thanks to Matthew Conway (OSL) and Richard Cole (Network Rail) and everyone else who has helped in this project. Thanks to the Nantwich Marina for their support and we may pursue the possibility of a replica signal box in NANTWICH in the future.


Signal Box Moves to Crewe 01:00 Hrs Sunday 31/1/16

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